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Level of shielding


Level of shielding

The shielding NIJ level III-A corresponds to an international standard that provides effective protection to various modern munitions, even in case of repeated shots of automatic and semi-automatic reaching exactly the same target. See the BALLISTICS table below for more details.

See the Meaning of acronyms:

FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) - corresponds to the projectiles which are coated with a layer of copper alloy or steel, providing an increase on its capacity of penetration.
JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point) - Designates coated projectiles with a hole in the front, aiming at the expansion and fragmentation during the impact, resulting in greater damage on living tissues.
JSP (Jacketed Soft Point) – represents halfway between the power of penetration of FMJ, with the power of destruction of the JHP. Its design is similar to the JHP with a hole covered with a soft metal such as lead (meaning "soft point").

LR (Long Rifle) - Type of ammunition .22 long, for use in rifles.

ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) - Ammunition 45, originally designed for semi-automatic Colt pistol.

Shielding Jacket

It is called Shielding Jacket, the coating situated below the metal surface of the car, responsible for shielding. This coating may be in the form of plates of steel or Kevlar (more common recently). Both are equally effective; the latter is lighter, providing advantages regarding fuel consumption and less wear of the suspension and the brakes.

The goal of any professional shield is protecting the entire length of the vehicle preventing any small area from being vulnerable. Therefore, in addition to the armored glass, the jacket should go through the ceiling, doors and beams.