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Security Tips


Safety Tips

The safe conduct of armored cars demands knowledge in defensive driving.

In the free transit

Especially at night, the tip is to reduce the speed as you reach a traffic light to realize that the same is red so that other cars will pass your vehicle and will remain next to the traffic light at the risk of being approached.

In heavy or jammed traffic

A good tactic is to be ten to fifteen meters away from the car in front in the case of suspicious approximation. This gap will be crucial to ensure that the driver can slowly approximate to the vehicle on the left, which makes it impossible for any pedestrian to walkway between cars.

In the event of a crash

Do not stop to discuss mild crashes, especially at night; thieves do this to rob drivers. If you are a victim of a collision which may appear to have been deliberately provoked by another vehicle, especially in wilderness at night, don't stop to see the damage. Look for the nearest police and report the event;
Thieves take advantage of the moments of distraction. In case of assault does not react. Life is priceless. If you are in an armored vehicle, talk by megaphone and drive to a well lit place and call the police using your cell phone.

When stopping at Traffic Lights

Avoid the action of thieves not bearing gold chains, medals, bracelets, watches and other jewelry.

At intersections

The tip is to stop in the right lane - thieves usually come from the left side of the street which is easier to get a quick and direct approach to the driver who is also on the left side of the car.
Another important thing to remember is to never buy anything at intersections and avoid giving alms. Remember that when you roll the car window down, you are vulnerable. If you want to help someone, donate to an honest charitable institution.

Moving around

Before entering your vehicle or parking, look around to avoid possible suspects nearby. When entering the vehicle, immediately lock all the doors and check if the windows are closed. The same holds true when taking a taxi. Hold your bag or folder close to your body, checking if the doors are locked.
There have been cases in which bikers open the passenger door and take the purse or the folder which is on top of the back seat.

Objects inside the car

Purses, coats, folders, packages and parcels must be placed in the trunk of the car; cell phones, watches and jewelry should also not be in sight.